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Desmond, Arthur
Hard cash: a magazine of finance, politics and religion
s.n., Sydney, 1893, 4 pp

Answers to Correspondents;
The Clergymen and the Banks;
The Price of a Premier;
Banks of N.S.W. Insolvent;
A Prophetic Forecast;
"The Robbers To-day".


Hard Cash was founded by Arthur Demond, who arrived in Sydney from New Zealand in 1892. Desmond often published under the name Ragnar Redbeard. He founded Hard Cash prior to the bank collapse of 1893, which he predicted. The magazine attacked banks and financiers in both verse and prose. It later became the newspaper of the Active Service Brigade.

Discusses the collapse of the Bank of New South Wales, the Fairfax family and the Syndey Morning Herald. Contains anti-semitic references, linking the banks and Jews. Continues a article from a previous issue on the link between clergymen and the banks. Discusses role of the Premier, Sir George Dibbs, in the recent financial collapse.