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Richardson, Bill
Labour Day - Its significance and the life and times of E.J. [Edward John] Holloway

This lecture presents briefly the signifiance of Labour Day by relating its early history and that of the eight hours movement, and then devotes the bulk of its content to Edward John Holloway. Holloway was President of the Melbourne Trades Hall in 1914, and then a leader in the anti-conscription movement, which the lectures deals with in depth. The lecture also addresses the 44 hour week, the 1929 Timber Workers' strike, the 1931 Premiers' Plan to deal with the depression. In 1929 Holloway defeated the Prime Minister, Stanley Bruce, in the seat of Flinders. Holloway was a member of the Scullin, Curtin and Chifley Cabinets, and the lecture touches on his experience there.

Bill Richardson was the Federal Secretary of the Australian Council of Salaried and Professional Associations.