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Tory, Kevin
Sovereignty and Land Rights
Duncan, Kevin; Newman, April
National Coalition of Aboriginal Organisations, 1985-8?

This document was compiled by Kevin Tory, Co-ordinator for the National Coalition of Aboriginal Organisations. This four page document opens with a statement of the sacred relationship between indigenous Australians and the land. It the characterises Australia as a white, colonial country in which Aborigines are subject to colonial oppression. It contains a poem by Kevin Duncan entitled 'Sovereignty', along with a discussion which argues that Aboriginal Sovereignty was never ceded, and that a treaty is required. There is then a poem by April Newman entitled 'Ode to the Bicentenary'. The document concludes with a discussion of Aboriginal deaths in custody. It presents the disproportionate rates of indigenous imprisionment, and the chilling pattern of deaths in custody. A paragraph on the cases of five young men who died in custody is included: Dixon Green, Tony King, Charlie Michaels, Eddie Murray, John Pat, and Robert Walker. It discusses the forthcoming Royal Commission into the issue, and expresses the fear that it may be a 'whitewash'.