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Socialist Students Alliance
Socialist Student Alliance, Sydney, February 1969

Pre-Conference of SSA, circa February 1969. This Leaflet was produced in Sydney to advertise the SSA Conference at UNSW, February 17-21, 1969. It was hosted by Resistance and Sydney University Labor Club (67 Glebe Point Road Glebe). The SSA succeeded the defunct ASLF (Australian Student Labour Federation) as the national body of radical students. It had originated in 1968 when Brisbane’s Society for Democratic Action (SDA) initiated discussions aimed at replacing the old-style ASLF with a more action-oriented and radical national presence.
The broad representation of revolutionary opinion at the February 1969 Conference (the seemingly incompatible Gould, Langer, Laver, Percy and Cahill) may have suggested the young radical ‘new left’ was coming together as a united force. This was illusory. The Conference broke up in chaos and rancour – Percy/Gould forces going one way (temporarily towards SDS), and Monash/Brisbane SDA another. NB: ‘Lessons of France’. - [Ken Mansell]