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Student General Meeting, Thursday, March 13, 1969
Monash Association of Students, Melbourne, March 1969

Single-sided, blue leaflet advertising Monash student general meeting (Monash Association of Students) called by Political Affairs Committee to address the sentence of three months gaol given to Robert Tillett.
In early March 1969, two young workers Ken Mansell and Adrian Desailly were caught painting a railway bridge in Urquhart Street Northcote and transported (via Northcote police station) to Pentridge Gaol. Pfeifer SM fined Mansell and Desailly $200. The sign, uncompleted, read ‘Free Za…’.
The following weekend a protest was convened at the bridge to finish the sign. Adelaide poet Robert Tillett stepped forward and finished the slogan. He was arrested and sentenced to three months gaol in Pentridge. - [Ken Mansell]