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SDS Fights for Freedom and Democracy/ Secondary Students Bill of Rights
Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Melbourne, circa. 1969

Leaflet produced in attempt to radicalise secondary students. Judging by the advanced state of SDS organization at time of production (note offset printing; facilities at Frankston; SDS groups at Geelong and Casterton), the leaflet probably dates from 1969 or 1970. Contains an interesting explication of principles and "aims" couched in libertarian rhetoric. Note "no overall ideology".

SDS encouraged, and in some cases directly set up, other action groups. An example was the nominally independent Secondary Students for Democratic Action (SSDA). SSDA was formed in August 1968 and dissolved in June 1969. It was not able to achieve quite the same level of notoriety and momentum as Students in Dissent (S.I.D), SSDA's counterpart at the Bakery in Prahran. - [Ken Mansell]