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Sargent, Lyman Tower
Australian Utopian Literature: An Annotated, Chronological Bibliography 1667-1999
Description of Work
Revised version of original published under the same title in Utopian Studies 10.2 (1999): 138-73.
Oxford, 2009, 248 pp

This version has been substantially revised since publication, but the introductory material and the list of locations have not been revised.

Scholarship on utopian literature relies on, among other things, the tools of definition and bibliography. There are now a number of good examinations of conceptual and definitional questions (see Funke; Hölscher; Levitas; Sargent 1994; and Suvin) and three well-known bibliographies of utopian literature (Lewis; Negley; and Sargent 1979 and 1988). But all these bibliographies have a weakness in common; they combine the utopias of all countries into one list. In order to begin to understand national differences in utopian literature, I have begun to take my bibliography apart and to explore three neglected utopian literatures, those of Australia, Canada (see the bibliography in this issue) and New Zealand (Sargent 1997).
The following is an incomplete (there is no such thing as a complete bibliography), annotated, chronological bibliography of utopian literature supplementary to my most recent bibliography, although only a few of the items here appear in that bibliography. Most of the material was published in Australia or was by an identifiable Australian author, but I have included a few items that were either set in Australia or in some other way connected to Australia.