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The International Campaign for the Recognition and Payment of the Ecological Debt
External Debt - Ecological Debt: Who Owes Who?
Background Paper No. 4
Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia, Melbourne, May, 2 pp

These papers aim to provide a grassroots, international perspective and context for Australian-based environmental activism.

There is considerable debate about what a sustainable future might look like. This has lead Friends of the Earth (FoE) to develop the concept of 'environmental space with equity'; based on the understanding that all people have a right to equal access to resources. At the present time, there is also increasing debate within 'Southern' members of FoE about the 'other side of the coin': the environmental debt owed by the rich countries to the south. The following is a declaration from Accion Ecologica (FoE Ecuador) on Ecological Debt and External Debt themes. This is based on a resolution recently presented to a World Trade Organisation meeting.