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Reason: A Monthy Magazine of Social and General Philosophy
J.A. Andrews [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Melbourne, 1 Jauary, 1896, 20 pp

This issue of Reason contains the following sections and articles.
"Original articles", including: "Our Intentions", "Reason and the Social Question", "Genius and Degeneracy", "A Victoria to Victorians", "Prison Sociology".
"Selections from the French and German, with Original Translations in Parallel Column", including: "L'Autonomie Selon La Science", "Minor Selections in French and English", "Minor Selections, in German and English".
"Extract from an old Old Memorandum Book".
Other selections: "Fools", "Ode to Tyranny", "In the Advance of Civilisation Do Races Die Out?", "Miscellaneous" (including "Fools" - poem, other short items, "Old Friends").