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Rosa, S.A.
Oliver Spence: The Australian Caeser
Self-published [This scan courtesy of the National Library of Australia], Sydney, 1895

This is a retitled version of Rosa's book, 'The Coming Terror: Or the Australian Revolution, a Romance of the Twentieth Century' (see link below) It is virtually identical to the original version which was published one year earlier. The differences with this one, apart from the title, are that: it is referred to as the 'cheap edition' (rather than the 'complete edtion'); it does not have an illustration on the front cover; and it does not contain a foreword by the author. Apart from these differences, it is identical down to the typesetting and the page numbers in the body of the work. The scan here is also of higher quality, though only available as a PDF. The book illuminates the themes of socialist utopia; nationalization; cheap money; free land; no interest; and no lawyers.

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  • Rosa, Samuel Albert, The coming terror, Self-published [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Sydney, 1894. Image PDF Details