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Angry People
Description of Work
Issue 9
Angry People, 1994 [?], 14 pp

Articles include: "Looking for Trouble", "Crazies Let Loose", "Crime Chief Dies.. A Nation in Hysterics", "Dispose of Bosses" (Cartoon), "Crime: the Rich Have Got it Coming", Cartoon ("How could a welfare bum like you..."), Cartoon ("Look, we are all working class..."), Cartoon ("Posh lying lesbians...), "The Battle of the Eureka Stockade", "Squeeze!", "Fair Go", "ALP - Same Old Piss", "Charge yer Cattleprod!", "Don't Believe the Hype!", "Did you Know?", "Red Hot Special", "A Message to our Diggers", "Organising in Rural Areas", "Capitalism Cannot be Reformed.. it has to be Destroyed" (Cartoon - Wal Larkin), "We ll [sic] Huff and Puff and Blow these Laws Away", "Sick of Silvertails Taking Over the Town? ..." (Cartoon).