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Angry People
Description of Work
Issues 13-14
Angry People, 1996-1997, 50 pp

Issue 13
Articles include: "Angry People Preamble", "Playing the Race Card", "Setting Our Sights on Community Control", "Gun Control: What are the Government's Motives?", "Community Control: A Look Ahead", "Are Greens Just Hasbeens?", "Young and Angry?", "The Kids are Our Future", "A Few Rotten Apples or the Whole Bloody Tree", "The Shit has Hit the Fan", "Prisons", Graphic ("The more of us you put behind bars..."), "And the Loser is ... Sydney!", "Grow Your Own Dope! Plant a Pollie", "People Impersonating God", "Cure for a Hangover".

Issue 14
Articles include: "Angry People Preamble", "Exclusive Interview with the Block Residents", "Women's Refuges: A Report from Victoria", "How to Stay Safe and Sane in an Insane Environment", "Sweet Charity: Salvation Army or Starvation Army", "Beware the State Hoods", "Circus Comes to Town", "Its Not All Black and White", "Anarchism and the Black Revolution", "Work for What?", "People Demand an End to Political Corruption!", "A Brief History of Bougainville", "Cut the Dose", "Do You Hate Politicians? The Case for Community Control", "Union's Gotta Get Radical".