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Purchase, Graham
Anarchist Society and Its Practical Realization
See Sharp Press, San Francisco, 1990, 10 pp

"One of the most consistently levelled and damaging criticisms of anarchists is that they lack a positive vision of the future. Unfortunately, many anarchists have done nothing to counter this criticism and have actually made the situation worse by their insistence that anarchism is an anti-organizational and /or anti-programmatic ideology. This is far from the truth as a brief look at the writings of the most outstanding anarchist theorists - Rocker, Kropotkin, Malatesta, Berkman, etc. - will show. But it is a damaging and enduring myth.

"A contributing factor to the endurance of the myth is the fact that anarchists have produced remarkably few works over the last half-century outlining positive visions of an anarchist society. For that reason I'm very happy to publish this much-needed pamphlet. I believe that it's an important step forward in convincing our fellow citizens that anarchism is a practical and desirable alternative to the authoritarianism which permeates so many aspects of daily life.

"It should be emphasised, however, that in this pamphlet Graham Purchase is outlining one possible way in which society might be organized along anarchist lines. He is not arguing that his vision should be imposed; he is he is offering his vision in the hope that it will serve as a road map for the voluntary reorganization of society - or, at the least, will stimulate others to reconsider their own desires about the type of society in which they want to live and to work toward the realization of their desires." (Foreword to this pamphlet, by Chaz Bufe)

This work was originally published in a slightly different form as a series of articles in the Australian anarcho-syndicalist paper Rebel Worker in 1990.