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O'Reilly, Ciaron
Let's Not Get Carried Away: Poems from Queensland
Ciaron O'Reilly [This scan courtesy of Viola Wilkins], Brisbane, 1986, 15 pp

These poems written in around the late 1970s and early 1980s after the crackdown on protests by the Jo Bjelke Peterson government in October 1977. As a result, many people were gaoled and later some of them - including O’Reilly - formed the Brisbane Catholic Worker Community. They adopted certain ideals of 'Christian anarchism', hospitality and non-violent resistance. The members of the community gave up their occupation and refused to accept the dole, pay taxes or vote. They also held their finances in common and established small-scale enterprises such as a fruit-drying business, a soap factory, a bakery, and a worm farm. The community was used as a base for subsequent involvement in various protests and direct actions.