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On the Road
[This scan courtesy of Viola Wilkins], Sydney, July-Sept, 32 pp

Articles include: "Who Was Really Behind Port Arthur?", "What is Wrong With the World? OTR Conducts and Honesty Survey", "Political Party Review - and Overview of Australian Politics", "Anarchy" (poem), "Uncle Bobby and the Hot Rodders", "What Happened to" (poem), "Bomb Threat", "Three Seconds in 2 Sentences", "You Asked: Financial Advice with Martin Prendergast", "Two Men in a Boat: a True Tale of Primordial Boozing", "A People's History of the United States" (excerpt from Howard Zinn's book), "Letters", "Christianity and its Ideas, Pt II", "Good Anarchists Activities List", "Voices from the Velvet Ghetto", "Crazy" (poem), "Urban Red Splatter Dreams" (poem), "Book Review", "Creative Series Part IV: Nihilistic Approach", "What I'll Do When I Come to Power", "The Pipes" (poem).

Cultural Forms