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Communist Party of Australia. Central Committee.
Australia's Part in the World Revolution: Theses of the Central Committee Plenum, Communist Party of Australia, June 28th and 29th, 1930.
Communist Party of Australia, Sydney, 1930, 56 pp

Contents include: "Economic and Political Situation and the Tasks of the Party", "The World Crisis - Growing Unemployment", "Socialist Construction in the Soviet Union", "Further Contradictions and Colonial Tyranny", "The Australian Crisis", "Social Fascist Government", "Scullin's Social Fascism", "The High Tariff Fake", "Centralization of Government Power", "Regimenting the Farmers", "War Preparations and Colonial Enslavement", "Social Fascism in State Governments", "Social Fascism in the Unions", "Increasing Mass Struggles", "Character of Struggles", "Build the Communist Party", "Pan-Pacific Trade Union Secretariat", "Activize the Whole Party", "Build Revolutionary Opposition", "Intensify Unemployment Drive", "Agricultural Work", "Smash White Australia Policy", "Work Among Women", "The Young Communist League", "Defend the Indian Revolution", "Prepare for August First", "Work in Non-Party Mass Organizations", "Workers' Weekly and Worker Correspondents", "Party Training", "Forward to a Mass Party", "Industrial Department - Report to Planners, June 28th and 29th, 1930", "Trade Union Part of the State Apparatus", "Independent Rank and File Leadership and Right Errors", "Committees of Action and Strike Committees", "Trade Union Practices", "Revolutionary Oppositions", "Committees of Action and Strike Committees", "Trade Union Practices", "Revolutionary Oppositions", "The Unorganized Workers", "N.S.W. Labor Council and R.I.L.U. Affiliation", "The Unemployed Workers' Movement", "The A.C.T.U. and the P.P.T.U.S.".