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Melbourne Anarchist Archives
Melbourne Anarchist Archives
Melbourne Anarchist Archives [This copy courtesy of Viola Wilkins], Melbourne, 86 pp

A collection of papers documenting Melbourne anarchism. According to Takver:
"From 1966 to the end of the 1970's anarchists were prominent on the three university campuses in Melbourne, but especially Melbourne University and La Trobe University, publishing Black Rag, the Federation of Australian Anarchists Bulletin (first series) and the Victorian Regional Anarchist Bulletin. During the late 1970's two collection[s] of papers showing the theoretical development of anarchism in Melbourne from 1966 were published." This is the second volume. The first was Melbourne Anarchist Archives: Drafts and Documents

Contents include: "Towards an Anarchist Organisation and Programme", "Marxism and Anarchism", "The Theory of a Self-Managed Society", "Anarchism and the 1975 Political Crisis", "Anarchism and Education", "Anarchism and Feminism".