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Sound recording

Lowenstein, Wendy
Interview with AC part one: side a
Description of Work
RR49 AC 20-6-87 1-1 side a.Recorded on 20 June, 1987. Digitised from cassette by Reason in Revolt
[Cassette recording courtesy of Martie Lowenstein]

This is the first side of the first of two tapes of an interview with an Amalgamated Metal Workers Union (AMWU) official. The AWU represented workers from Robe River Ltd. This interview is from a collection completed by Wendy Lowenstein while spending 6 months in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The interviews address issues for mining workers employed by Robe River Ltd. One of the key issues is the long dispute in 1986 with the company's owner, Peko-Walsend.