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Anarchist Collective, LaTrobe University
"Frank Bank" T-shirt Design
Melbourne, 1996, 1 pp

This t-shirt was designed by the LaTrobe University Anarchist Collective and during orientation week i n 1996. The Students' Representative Council (SRC) had been agitating on Voluntary Student Unionism legislation and several students had recently been charged for an occupation and for publishing an article allegedly instructing readers on how to shoplift in Rabelais (the student newspaper). The anarchist collective had supported these campaigns. The Students' Representative Council held a "clubs and societies festival" at which the various organisations set up stalls in the Agora (main square) of the University. By accident, the anarchists set up their stall outside the Commonwealth Bank branch. The t-shirts proved popular - especially with new students - and before long, the manager of the branch complained to the collective members on the stall. However, the collective continued selling them. The t-shirt design and the response demonstrates the political orientation of the anarchist collective at the time. On the t-shirts themselves, the white area of the logo was coloured yellow.