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French; Heerey; and Sundberg
Michael Brown & Ors v Members of the Classification Review Board of the Office of Film and Literature [1998] FCA 319 (24 March 1998)
Federal Court of Australia, Melbourne, 9 April, 1998

This is the full text of the judgment of the Federal Court of Australia on the appeal against the banning of an edition of the student newspaper, Rabelais. The edition was banned in August 1995 because it contained an article on shoplifting. The editors were later arrested and charged but appealed against the ban as part of their defence strategy. The Federal Court dismissed their appeal but the charges were later dropped by the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions. This judgment contains the full text of the article on shoplifting (as an appendix found at the end of this document) which is still banned as an 'objectionable' publication.