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Friends of the Earth
Chain Reaction
Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia. [This scan courtesy of Friends of the Earth, Melbourne], Adelaide, 1991, 72 pp

Contents include: "Letters", "Earth News", "FOE News", "Tobacco and the Environment", "Corruption in the Environment Movement", "The Green Elite and the 1987 Election", "Greenpeace - Getting a Piece of the Green Action", "The Corporate Takeover of Friends of the Earth", "A Slick Business in Northern Seas", "Constructing War", "Uranium - the Heat Goes on", "A Little Light Radiation", "Green, Gay... and Christian", "Are Debt for Nature Swaps an Answer?", "Resource Security - a Leap Backwards", "War on the Environment in Central America", "Reviews". [This copy scanned by Beth Hallett]