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Melbourne Workers Theatre

Artistic Group and Political Group


Melbourne Workers Theatre was founded in 1987, "in a climate of aggression towards trade unions which affected workers and their families throughout the world."

From the Melbourne Workers Theatre website: "The company formed to address questions such as 'What does it mean to be a trade unionist at this particular time and under these particular attacks?'

An 18 week Art in Working Life project was endorsed by the Combined Unions Shop Committee at the 600 strong Jolimont railway workshop. Our Theatre Company in residence was set up in a transportable shed by company founders Patricia Cornelius, Steve Payne and Michael White.

Melbourne Workers Theatre had arrived"
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Book Sections

  • Bovell, Andrew; Reeves, Melissa; Cornelius, Patricia; Tsiolkas, Christos, 'Who's afraid of the working class?', in Julian Meyrick (ed.), Melbourne stories: three plays, Currency Press, Sydney, 2000. Details