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Indigenous Australia - 1950-1975

Ethnic Group
Alternative Names
  • Indigenous Australians



  • Australia's way forward [extracts from the Program of the CPA, Syndey, 1964], Sydney, 1964. Image PDF Details


  • Collection of Government Documents Relating to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy of 1972, Unpublished, 1972. Image PDF Details



  • Buy a Truck for the Gurindji’s, Secondary Students for Democratic Action, Melbourne, October/Novermber 1968. images PDF Details




  • Direct Action 14, no. 14, Socialist Workers League, Sydney, 7 February 1972. Image PDF Details

Newspaper Articles

  • 'The work of the Aborigines Advancement League', Smoke Signals, vol. 6, no. 2, May 1967. Transcript HTML Transcript PDF Details
  • Bottomley, William, 'Ourselves and the Aborigines', Quest, no. 55, Unitarian Fellowship of Australia, Melbourne, March-April 1957. Image PDF Details
  • Newfong, John, 'The Aboriginal Embassy: Its purpose and aims', Aboriginal and Islander Identity, vol. 1, no. 5, Aboriginal Publications Foundation, Perth, July 1972. Transcript HTML Transcript PDF Details
  • Nicholls, Pastor Doug, 'Aboriginal and Islander Identity', Aboriginal and Islander Identity, vol. 1, no. 2, Aboriginal Publications Foundation, Perth, October 1971. Transcript HTML Transcript PDF Details


  • Aboriginal Mother and Child, Oil, 66 x 63.5cm, 1960. PDF Details


  • Walker, Kath, ''We are going' and 'Aboriginal charter of rights'', We are going, Jacaranda Press, Brisbane, 1964, pp. 1-10 & 25. Details

Press Releases

  • The winds of change, 1969. Image Details
  • Blacks and supporters will stage a rally and peaceful march on Wednesday, 29/9/82, 27 September 1982. Image PDF Details


  • Foundations of Leninism: 6 Lessons, 1960s, 2 pp. PDF Details