The Pioneer. Adelaide. 2 May 1892




Nationalization of the Land by means of a Single Tax on all Land Values, and abolition of all Taxes on Thrift and Industry.

Nationalisation and working of all such branches of Industry which are in their nature—monopolise, viz., Railways, Post and Telegraph, National Irrigation and Waterworks, Harbors, Mines, and Forests, &c.

EDUCATION.—Compulsory—free and secular up to the highest standard.

LOANS.—Discontinuance of National borrowing, with a view to extinguish the Public Debt at an early date.


BANKNOTES.—The issue to be reserved to the State.

INSURANCE of all citizens against sickness and death; provision for old age. Abolition of the Destitutes’ uniform.

ADULT SUFFRAGE on the one person one vote principle. One Electoral Roll to serve for all State and municipal elections.

ABOLITION Of the Upper House, plural voting, and all or any property qualification.

LEGALISING of Acts by a plebiscite of the citizens.

ANNUAL Parliaments and elections.

ABOLITION Of all sinecures in the Public service.

FEDERATION on stringent Democratic principles, securing home rule in all local matters.


Adult Suffrage—one person one vote.

All rates to be levied upon all Unimproved Land Values

Municipalisation of Tramways, Gas, Waterworks, Markets, &c.

Stringent inspection of all supplies of goods for consumption, the inferiority of which would tend to injure the health of the consumer, viz. , fish, meat, milk, bread, beverages, medicants, &c, or alternately the municipalition [sic] of such supplies.

Stringent inspection of boilers, engine shops, mills, workrooms, in respect to danger or unhealthy character.

LOCAL OPTION on a Democratic basis—no compensation.

LAW REFORM. — Abolition of recovering of debts by law. Justice—public and free. These reforms to go on with.