[A National ‘U’ 72 Liftout Supplement]

Demands of the Moratorium for Black Rights

1. Absolute ownership, including mineral and forestry rights of all reserves and traditional areas to be vested in the Black communities associated with these areas.
2. Full compensation for all land seized since 1770.
3. The right and power of Black communities to control their lives and their land.
4. Support for all Black struggles, including those for:
a) An immediate and massive Health program to eliminate the very high Black infant mortality rate
b) Full employment on at least award wages
c) Decent housing and no evictions
d) Black studies and culture in education
e) Real equality in education
f) An end to all discrimination and discriminatory legislation (e.g. Queensland Acts.)

Details: (Contact addresses on this page for further details)

Sydney: Rally outside Sydney Town Hall, 3.30 p.m. - 4.30 p.m., Black speakers.

Marches from Sydney University and other points to Town Hall.

Newcastle: Assemble Pacific Park, Newcastle, 3 p.m.

Brisbane: Rally in city, 3 p.m.

Darwin: Lunchtime march to Goyder monument, nr. Fort Hill Wharf, for enactment of landing and rally.

“Ningla A-na!” Is Arunta for “Hungry land” - is is [sic] the main slogan of the Moratorium.