Boomerang,18-8-1894, p4

The Boomerang Published in Melbourne is a brightly written illustrated weekly Devoted to the advocacy of Broad Democratic Principles

Conducted by Leslie A. Norman & A. McKain

The Boomerang is in favour of

One adult one vote The effectual enfranchisement of seamen and others following migratory occupations The application of the referendum to the settlement of vexed public questions A progressive tax on land values, exclusive of improvements An income and absentee tax A state bank of issue A maximum labor day of eight hours where practicable A minimum rate of wages on Government and municipal contracts The establishment of a department of industry Courts of conciliation and arbitration for settling disputes between labor and capital The exclusion of aliens and workmen under contract Simpler and cheaper methods in legal procedure The recognition of the principle that it is the duty of the state to provide work for its own unemployed and to supply food to the destitute A federated Australia with fiscal protection against the world

The Boomerangis flung at an expectant world after much cogitation on the part of the promoters. A paper of its class is unquestionably required in Victoria, and its policy has been formed so as to commend itself to the support and approbation of the bulk of the reading public…

Purely democratic journals -papers with consist policies and published with the avowed object of fighting the cause of the masses - are the exception not the rule in Victoria. At the same time the columns of the Boomerang will not be deluged week after week with lengthy dissertations on subjects so recondite that to the ordinary intelligence they are regarded as mere drivel…

The Boomerangmay not succeed in causing the Czar of Russia to tremble in his shoes, nevertheless it hopes to convince the Democracy or Victoria that a perpetuation of the existing policy of Grab, Concentration and Cutthroat Competition is not calculated either to better their position or enable them to participate to a greater extent in governing this politician be-ridden country. And above all else,The Boomerangwill strive to induce the Democrats to form themselves into one complete, coherent body, bent on clamouring for their just rights and only returning to Parliament men who will honestly endeavour to assist them in obtaining the objects to which they at present vainly aspire. Victoria has too long been at the mercy of the Few, who care not what may be the lot of the Many, so long as they are well fed and the perquisites are not curtailed.