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Kropotkin, Peter (1892 - 1921)

Activist and Theorist


Russian Prince, Peter Alexeevich Kropotkin, was a key proponent of anarchism, and in particular anarcho-communism: which envisioned a communist society free from central government.

His key works include: Mutual Aid: A Factor in Evolution, The Conquest of Bread and Fields, Factories and Workshops.

Kropotkin, when asked to reflect on the 'New Australia' attempt to establish co-operative socialist colonies in South America, wrote: 'The fact that men and women, who have made Australia what it is, are compelled to migrate from it, speaks volumes in itself. "Make the land, be the dung which renders it productive, build the centres of civilisation which render it valuable - and go away!" That is the true picture of modern capitalist management. The same here, the same at the antipodes - always the same!'
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Newspaper Articles

  • 'Socialism in Sydney', The Radical (Hamilton, Newcastle, N.S.W.), 1 October 1887. Image PDF Details