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Journal Article

Prichard, Katharine Susannah
Anti-Capitalist core of Australian literature
Communist Review
August, 1943, pp. 106-7

The article outlines the development of capitalism in Australia from convict settlement and government land grants. It goes on to mention the formation of a national consciousness in the early poetry of William Charles Wentworth, which "championed the cause of the people in their resistance to autocratic methods of government". The article notes popular democratic themes in the works of Marcus Clarke, Tom Collins (Joseph Furphy), Price Warung, RoIf Boldrewood and Henry Lawson. It also notes the "rebelliousness" of Bernard O'Dowd and Miles Franklin. The article concludes: "we, too, as sensitive instruments for human progress, must spend all our energy of body and brain to direct the anti-capitalist passion of the Australian people towards organisation for socialism".