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Adams, Francis
Songs of the army of the night; and the mass of Christ
A.C. Fifield, London, 1910, p. 59

This books contains Francis Adam's revolutionary verse wirtten in Australia, as well as the author's preface of 1887. Songs included are: The Outcasts; In the Sea Gardens: "The Man of the Nation"; Labour--Capital--Land; Australia; Art; Henry George; William Wallace, The Australian Flag; To an Old Friend in England; To His Love; Her Poem; To Karl Marx; Algernon Chalres Swinburne; To my friend, Sydney Jephcott; "Father Abe": Songs of the American Sonds of Labour; "A Fool"; The Mass of Christ; From a Verandah: Armageddon; To Queen Victoria in England; Elsie: A Memory; Why He Loves Her; To His Love; To the Emperor William II; A Story; At the West India Docks; Dirge; Fling oft the Flag!; Farewell to the Children; Epode.

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