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Battler 1977
International Socialists [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Melbourne, 1977

Cover articles include: "Fraser's children: no jobs, no dole, no furture", "stuff partial indexation: we want the lot", "indexation: the great pay robbery", "it's cold war on wages", "no deal on IRB", "car workers say: save our jobs", "hypocrites on parade", "a charter of fights for the building worker", "uranium: the profits of doom", "stop the bash", "why is Bob Hawke backing off?", "stuff your ban, Bjelke: we're marching", "$109 a week: it's a disgrace", "throw the bastards out", "turn on the lights for the young", "we've waited two years for this: throw the Liberals out", "three die on radioactive streets",