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Battler 1978
International Socialists [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Melbourne, 1978

Cover articles include: "good riddance to 'the thumper'", "sacrificed for profit!", "sailor left to the sharks", "how we blocked a uranium ship", "stop the strike breakers", "don't let this happen to your union", "we won't let them cut our pay", "Menzies: we're glad to see you go", "abestos wrecked my life", "meat prices set to zoom", "stop the killer cuts!", "2000 miners fight Utah blackmail", "Fraser's contract of death", "Fraser must go", "stop the police attacks", "none dare call it murder", "Libs on the skids", "who are the real bludgers?", "Fraser's message to school leavers: welcome to the dole queues", "uranium: look who's pushing a sell-out", "unemployment? the bosses love it!", "Fraser wheels out the IRB", "sacrifice: not for these bludgers", "Fraser's IRB: get read for war!", "to hell with arbitration: it's time for a wage fight!", "Fraser's budget: the knives are out already!","public servants take on Fraser", "keep fight going", "don't praise indexation: bury it!", "strike, strike, strike, Fraser down", "7 die from uranium plant", "the budget: Fraser's dirty pay off", "uranium: the ACTU must ban it now", "lock out the boss!", "we were poisoned for profit", "support the union carbide sit-in", "Fraser steps up the bash...these anti-union laws must go!", "the nuclear bans must go on", "defend every job".