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Battler 1984
International Socialists [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Melbourne, 1984

Cover articles include: "'stuff their recovery", "Butcher Andropov dead: Reagan lives, alas", "how the system killed John Newbury", "Asians are OK -- deport the racists", "racist groups exposed! ex-leader tells all", "Menzies the nuclear vandal", "Back off, Blainey: Asians are welcome here!", "here's how we tackle the racists", "ASIO brands us 'subversive': IS member victimised, "budget: Hawke dumps the poor", "Labor: ruling for the rich", "who are the real crooks?", "for workers it's the no-win election", "Hawke and Peacock: birds of a feather", "whoever we elect, these bosses will rule", "Ethiopa: starved by capitalism".