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Scott, Rose (1847 - 1925)



"Rose Scott was one of the key figures in the turn-of-the century movement committed to the universal suffrage and a general improvement in the condition of women. … In 1889 she helped form the Women's Literary Society in Sydney and it was out of this society that the Womanhood Suffrage League developed in May 1891. She wrote and debated and lectured and argued until in 1902 the Women's Suffrage Act became law in New South Wales. She lobbied for the establishment of Children's Courts for juvenile offenders, for the 'age of consent' to be raised from fourteen to sixteen for girls (Crimes (Girls' Protection) Acts 1910), and for a more comprehensive and equitable system of family maintenance to be established."
See Australian Women's Archives Project

See Judith Allen, 'Scott, Rose (1847 - 1925)', Australian Dictionary of Biography Online.




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