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Liberal Party of Australia (1944 - )

Political Party



  • Angry People: 1996 Calendar, Angry People [This scan courtesy of Viola Wilkins], Sydney, 1996. images PDF Details


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Newspaper Articles

  • 'Where we stand', Southern Advocate for Workers' Councils and International Digest, Dawson, J.A., Melbourne, 1946?. Image PDF Details


  • How the Crimes Bill Makes Hidden Attacks on Democratic Rights, Waterside Workers' Federation [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Sydney, 1960, 16 pp. PDF Details
  • Communist Party of Australia, Bob and his Weird Mob, Communist Party of Australia [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Adelaide, 1958, 16 pp. PDF Details
  • Friends of the Earth, Polls and Politics - The Environment And The Election, Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia, 2004, 2 pp. PDF Details
  • Hill, E.F. (Ted), What is the Liberal Party?, 1945, 15 pp. PDF Details
  • McPhillips, Jack, Penal Powers Cost Unionists £1,000,000!, Current Book Distributors [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Sydney, September. PDF Details


  • The Political Censorship of Newspapers and the Intimidation and Repression of Student Editors: Background Information, Student Unionism Network Defence Committee, 1996. PDF Details

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  • Consandine, Peter, Media Release #5, Republican Party of Australia, 1987. Image PDF Details