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Communist Party of Australia - Election Material

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Newspaper Articles

  • 'Unity Vital for Labour Victory in Federal Elections', North Queensland Guardian, vol. 1, no. 19, 14 May 1943. Image PDF Details
  • 'Program for peace, plenty, independence of Australia: communist Senate manifesto', Guardian (Offical organ Victorian State Committee Communist Party of Australia) (Melbourne), 11 November 1949. Image PDF Details


  • Communist election manifesto, R. Shayler, Gray and Frew, Melbourne, 1931. Image PDF Details
  • What future?, Jobs, home, peace, H.B. Chandler, Coronation Print, Brisbane, 1946. Image PDF Details
  • Menzies Concocted Spy Plot, A Bobinson at Coronation Printery, Brisbane, 1954. Image PDF Details
  • Strengthen the fight against Menzies' men - all brands, Communist Party State Program, W.H. Tregear, Melbourne, 1955. Image PDF Details
  • Appeal fo women electors, Industrial Print, Melbourne, 1958. Image PDF Details
  • For peace, jobs, homes, democracy, Fight monpoly, defeat the Menzies Government, D.B. Young, Sydney, 1961. Image PDF Details
  • What are they doing to Queensland? A record of a guilty government., Brisbane, 1962. Image PDF Details
  • Vote for communist candidates, 1966. Image PDF Details
  • Communist Party of Australia, Melbourne, 1982. Image PDF Details
  • Issued for the workers at the Brisbane Abattoir, Brisbane, c1946. Image PDF Details
  • Mr Menzies' Most Famous Speech, J.B. Henderson, Brisbane, n.d.. Image PDF Details


  • Counihan, Noel, Sack Bolte Instead, G. Bird, Melbourne, 1961. Image PDF Details