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Australian Peace Council (1949 - c. 1963)

1 July 1949
c. 1963
Political Group



Newspaper Articles

  • 'Editorial', Peace. Journal of the Australian Peace Council, vol. 1, no. 1, April 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Make peace now and how to fight for peace the burning topic', Liberty, 27 October 1950. Image PDF Details


  • Australian Peace Congress Programme, 1950. Image PDF Details
  • Australian Peace Council, The truth about Korea, 1950. Image PDF Details
  • Australian Peace Council, Our policy and programme, 1956. Details
  • Dickie, Rev. A.M.; James, Rev. V.; Hartley, Rev. F.J., You can't ban peace! To the Victorian Executive of the ALP, Australian Peace Council, 1950. Image PDF Details


  • Australian Peace Council, Summary of reports to a meeting at Nicholas Hall, Melbourne, Monday 12 September, 1949, attended by 112 representatives of 49 organisations, 1949. Image PDF Details