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Imperialism - criticism of


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  • Direct Action 6, no. 5, Socialist Youth Alliance, Sydney, March 1971. Image PDF Details
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Newspaper Articles

  • 'The class struggle is being prostituted to the fight between rival imperialism', Southern Socialist Review, new series 19, Dawson, J.A., Melbourne, June. Image PDF Details


  • Oppose supplies for Japanese militarism’s war preparations., Challenge Press [This scan courtesy of State Library of Victoria], Coburg, 1971. Image PDF Details
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  • Socialist Workers Party, For peace and jobs! Disarm the warmongers!, 1984. Image PDF Details
  • Socialist Workers Party / Resistance, Say no to war, Socialist Workers Party, Sydney, 1984. Image PDF Details
  • Spartacist League/Australia, For Political Strikes Against the Gulf War! Defeat U.S. and Australian Imperialism! Defend Iraq!, Spartacist League/Australia; This copy courtesy Viola Wilkins, Melbourne and Sydney, 18 January, 1991, 1 pp. PDF Details
  • Temple, Frederick, War Finance and the Worker, Holland Print, Adelaide, 1916. Image PDF Details


  • Foundations of Leninism: 6 Lessons, 1960s, 2 pp. PDF Details