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The Bulletin (1880 - )



The Bulletin is the leading weekly newspaper in Australia. Founded by J.F. Archibald and John Haynes in 1880, it adopted a ‘radical nationalist’ position, sponsoring the literary works of writers such as Henry Lawson, ‘Banjo’ Paterson, Edward Dyson, and Joseph Furphey and promoting advanced democratic politics combined with strong nationalism (it bore the moniker ‘Australia for the Australians’). It also provided a rich body of black and white art: established from 1882 by the cartoons of the American Livingston Hopkins and then later by Phil May, and then Australians such as Will Dyson and Norman Lindsay.

The Bulletin drifted toward the right, supporting conscription during the First World War and maintaining its support for the White Australia policy. In 1961, it was purchased by the Packer family. In 1984 it merged with the Australian edition of the American magazine Newsweek.

See Sylvia Lawson, The Archibald Paradox (1983)


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