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Australian Council of Trade Unions (1927 - )

Trade Union Peak Body



  • Be an Active Unionist, Building Workers' Industrial Union of Australia, Sydney, 1961. Image PDF Details


  • Gay Trade Unionists' Group, Gay Worker, Gay Trade Unionists' Group [This scan courtesy of the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, Melbourne], 1981, 2 pp. PDF Details


  • Tribune, no. 1723, September 15, 1971. Image PDF Details
  • Direct Action 48, no. 48, Socialist Workers League, Sydney, 27 September 1973. Image PDF Details


  • Equal Pay for the Sexes, Industrial Print, Melbourne, 1961. Image PDF Details
  • March with your mates on May Day, Newsletter Printery, Sydney, 1963. Image PDF Details
  • Why we Should be Concerned About Globalisation and the World Economic Forum, Public First [This scan courtesy of Viola Wilikins], Melbourne, 2000, 4 pp. images PDF Details
  • Equal Pay Week Nov. 25-29, Industrial Print, Melbourne, c1963. Image PDF Details
  • Unions warn: danger of total war, Sydney, c1965. Image PDF Details
  • Australian Council of Trade Unions, Equal Pay for the Sexes, Melbourne, 1941. Image PDF Details
  • McPhillips, Jack, Penal Powers: Menzies' Weapon Against Unions and Wages, Current Book Distributors [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Sydney, August, 16 pp. PDF Details
  • McPhillips, Jack, Penal Powers Cost Unionists £1,000,000!, Current Book Distributors [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Sydney, September. PDF Details
  • O'Shea, C., Workers' Power Versus Penal Power!!!, Challenge Press [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Melbourne, 1969, 4 pp. PDF Details


  • Stop the war on refugees, Victorian Alliance for Refugees, June 2003. PDF Details

Press Releases

  • Friends of the Earth, Australian Conservation Foundation, Uniting Against Radioactive Waste: ACTU Moves Against Federal Govt Dump Plan, Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia, Australian Conservation Foundation, August 2003, 1 pp. PDF Details