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Victorian Socialist Party (1905 - )

Political Party



  • Socialist Songs; the Socialist Party Affliated with the Socialist Federation of Australasia; with an introduction, 'To the Stranger, what is the Socialist Party?', Victorian Socialist Party, Melbourne, 1907-12?. Image PDF Details
  • Villiers, L. J., War on the workers, Workers' Press, Melbourne, 1918. Image PDF Details


  • Fhun, W. Dudley, Letter to H.H. Champion, President, Socialist Party, Melbourne. Image PDF Details

Journal Articles

  • Hill, E.F., 'The Party as the inheritor of socialist trends in the Victorian Labor Movement', Communist Review, August 1945. Image PDF Details


  • People: Offical Organ of the Socialist Labor Party of Australia, 1 March 1919. Image PDF Details

Newspaper Articles


  • Champion, Henry Hyde, The Root of the Matter: Being a Series of Dialogues on Social Questions. Melbourne, E. W. Cole [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Melbourne, 1898. Image PDF Details


  • Mann, Tom, Reply to "The Age" article on the war of the classes, s.n. [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria], Melbourne, 1905. Image PDF Details

See also

  • 'The Socialist Federation of Australasia', Socialist, Victorian Socialist Party, Melbourne, 18 December 1908. Image PDF Details