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  • Newson, Vivienne, Letter, 21 October 1947. Image PDF Details
  • Street, Jessie, Teachers' Section. Proposed Terms for Bill to Repeal the Married Women Teachers and Lecturers Dismissaol Act, 1935. Image PDF Details


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  • Direct Action 49, no. 49, Socialist Workers League, Sydney, 11 October 1973. Image PDF Details

Newspaper Articles

  • Street, Jessie, 'Jessie Street, Letter to the Daily Telegraph[Sydney], 18 May 1843', Daily Telegraph, 1943. Image PDF Details


  • Goldstein, Vida; John, Cecilia, and Pankhurst, Adela, The Social Evil; Women's Convention, May 6 1916, Women's Political Association, Melbourne, 1916. Image PDF Details
  • J.H.Greer, The Social Evil. Prostitution: Its Cause and Cure, Industrial Workers of the World, Sydney, n.d.[1917], 48 pp. PDF Details

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