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Marx House

Civil Institution

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  • Handbook for Tutors, Marx House, Sydney. Image PDF Details
  • Marx House - Education for Victory, Annoucement of Courses for 1944, Marx House, Sydney, 1944. Image PDF Details

Newspaper Articles

  • 'Fascist raids, jailings, unite workers for struggle', Guardian (Melbourne), 9 July 1949. Image PDF Details


  • Cambell, E. W., Historical background to the world labour movement, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, September, 1944. Image PDF Details
  • Sharkey, L. L., An outline history of the Australian Communist Party, Australian Communist Party, Sydney, 1944. Image PDF Details

See also

  • Earsman, W.P., The proletariat and education; the necessity of Labor Colleges, Andrades, Melbourne, 1920. Image PDF Details