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Lane, William (1861 - 1917)

Activist, Editor and Journalist
Alternative Names
  • Miller, John (Pseudonym)


Lane was the most influential of the early socialist nationalist agitators. He worked as a printer and journalist in the United States before embarking upon his Australian career as a radical journalist. He edited the radical nationalist Boomerang from 1887 and the Queensland labour movement's Worker from 1890 to 1892.

His ironically titled novel, The workingman's paradise was published in 1892 to raise funds for the families of gaoled strikers.

The great strikes of 1890 and 1891 led Lane to believe that Australia should be abandoned. Under the banner of New Australia, 220 colonisers set off for Paraguay in 1893 to establish a socialist, utopian, settlement. Lane established rules of racial exclusion and temperance which led to tension. Lane established a second colony near-by as Cosme. Both colonies eventually collapsed.

Lane, disillusioned, began work at the conservative New Zealand Herald in 1900, and died in Auckland in 1917.

See Gavin Souter, 'Lane, William (1861 - 1917)', Australian Dictionary of Biography Online.



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