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Communist Party of Australia - 1950s


Documents of the CPA between 1950 and 1960.



  • Australia's path to socialism. Program of the Communist Party of Australia. 16th Congress 1951., Current Book Distributors, Sydney, 1952. Image PDF Details
  • Australia's path to socialism. Programme of the Communist Party of Australia. 17th Congress 1955, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, May 1955. Image PDF Details
  • Farmers and workers together for a better life; agrarian programme of the Communist Party of Australia, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, 1958. Image PDF Details
  • Aarons, Eric, Economics for workers, Newsletter Printery, Sydney, 1958. Image PDF Details
  • Barcan, Alan, Socialist Left in Australia 1949 - 1959, Australian Political Studies Association, Sydney, 1960. Image PDF Details
  • Dixon, R, Robbing your pay envelope, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, n.d.. Image PDF Details
  • Dixon, Richard, Defend your freedom, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, 1950, 20 pp. Image PDF Details
  • Gollan, W.E., Education in crisis; and the way forward, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, 1959. Image PDF Details
  • Mortier, Paul, Art: its origins and social function, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, 1955. Image PDF Details
  • Sendy, John, The Communist Party: History, Thoughts and Questions, CPA History Group, Melbourne, 1978. Image PDF Details

Book Sections

  • Gibson, Ralph, 'Victory over the Hill group', in My years in the Communist Party, International Bookshop, Melbourne, 1966. Image PDF Details


  • Not wanted, United to defeat Menzies, 1954?. Image PDF Details
  • Peace and trade with Asia, Vote Communist 1, 1954?. Details

Journal Articles

  • Blake, J.D. [under psudonym F.Kelso], 'Ideological political struggle', Review; organ of theory and practice of the A.C.P., no. 3, Febuary 1951. Image PDF Details

Newspaper Articles

  • 'U.S. Launched Invasion of Korea; Press Blacks Out Truth, To Drag Us In', Guardian, 20 May 1949. Image PDF Details
  • 'Congress Opening Sunday Will Voice People's Peace Demands', Guardian, 14 April 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Stop War against Korea End 'Blood Loan' Plot', Tribune, 12 August 1950. PDF Details
  • 'Peace movement gathers way; plans for congress on April 16', 15 March 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Menzies' treason act drags country back to dark ages', Guardian (Melbourne), 22 March 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Australian Peace Congress Greeted by Famous World Figures', Tribune, 29 March 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Peace Movement Broadened by Students, Ex-Servicemen', Tribune, 1 Febuary 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Menzies' fascist Bill arouses nation', 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Smash this Rotten Bill; Gross Abuse of Human Rights', Tribune, no. 615, Communist Party of Australia, Sydney, 29 April 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Communist Party will fight for legal rights', Tribune (Sydney), no. 616, 3 May 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Free Sharkey', Guardian (Melbourne), 10 February 1950. Image PDF Details
  • 'Brisbane people take action on Maralinga bomb tests', Brisbane Guardian, Frank Marriot at Coronation Print, Brisbane, 27 September 1957. Image PDF Details
  • 'Communism in Australia', Observer, vol. 2, no. 21, 17 October 1959. Image PDF Details
  • Blake, J.D., 'Unite to Defeat Menzies Fascist Legislation', Communist Review, June 1950. Image PDF Details


  • Ballot-Riggers at Work! Defend the Unions, Communist Party of Australia, 1953, 22 pp. PDF Details
  • You can be shot on suspicion if the High Court upholds Anti-Communist Act, Demand the repeal of the anti-democratic Communist Party Dissolution Act, Newsletter Printery, Forest Lodge, 1950. Image PDF Details
  • Politicians--NOT a court---can decide that---YOU are a communist, if the referendum on September 22 is passed, 1950. Image PDF Details
  • U.S. Priest Speaks Out in Defence of Communist Party, 1950. Image PDF Details
  • The truth about Korea, A. Robinson at Coronation Print, Brisbane, 4 July 1950. Image PDF Details
  • We defend Frank Hardy, The Frank Hardy defence committee, Melbourne, 1951. PDF Details
  • Why is Frank Hardy author of 'Power without glory' branded guilty without tiral?, Frank Hardy defence committee, Melbourne, 1951. PDF Details
  • Say no to Menzies' power grab, Coronation Print, Sydney, 1951. Image PDF Details
  • The MacDonald government prosecuted Frank Hardy on behalf of millionaire John Wren, Communist Party of Australia, Melbourne, 1951. PDF Details
  • Why not a referendum on prices?, Worker Print, Brisbane, 1951. Image PDF Details
  • March for peace, Coronation Press, Brisbane, 1952. Image PDF Details
  • Menzies Concocted Spy Plot, A Bobinson at Coronation Printery, Brisbane, 1954. Image PDF Details
  • Strengthen the fight against Menzies' men - all brands, Communist Party State Program, W.H. Tregear, Melbourne, 1955. Image PDF Details
  • Demand summit talks now, E.A. Bacon at Coronation Print, Brisbane, 14 July 1958. Image PDF Details
  • Appeal fo women electors, Industrial Print, Melbourne, 1958. Image PDF Details
  • In memory of Jim Healy, sn, 1961. Image PDF Details
  • Aarons, Laurie, Party of the Working Class: Organisational Principles and Methods of Work of the Communist Party of Australia, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, July 1959, 39 pp. Image PDF Details
  • Campbell, E.W., Hands off Korea!, Authorised by A. Ogston, 93 Sussex St Sydney; Printed by D. Andrews, 288 King Street, Newtown., Sydney, 1950s, 8 pp. PDF Details
  • Communist Party of Australia, Bob and his Weird Mob, Communist Party of Australia [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Adelaide, 1958, 16 pp. PDF Details
  • Dickie, Rev. A.M.; James, Rev. V.; Hartley, Rev. F.J., You can't ban peace! To the Victorian Executive of the ALP, Australian Peace Council, 1950. Image PDF Details
  • Gibson, Ralph Siward, The Soviet way of life : an inside view, Current Book Distributors [This scan courtesy of the State Library of Victoria}, Sydney, 1954. Image PDF Details
  • Hill, E.F., Defeat Menzies' Fascist Bill, A communist publication, R.Brett, Melbourne, 1950. Image PDF Details
  • Hill, E.F., Conspiracy Against the Australian People, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, 1953, 16 pp. PDF Details
  • Hill, E.F., The Petrov Conspiracy, 1954. Image PDF Details
  • Hill, E.F., The H-Bomb Japanese Rearmament & You, Current Book Distributors [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Sydney, 1954?, 16 pp. PDF Details
  • Lockwood, Rupert, Jim Healy: leader of the Waterside Workers' Federation, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, August 1951. Image PDF Details
  • Marshall, Alan & Hardy, Ross, Circular, Frank Hardy defence committee, Melbourne, 1950. PDF Details
  • McPhillips, Jack, Penal Powers: Menzies' Weapon Against Unions and Wages, Current Book Distributors [This scan courtesy of Mike Williss], Sydney, August, 16 pp. PDF Details
  • Prichard, Katharine Susannah, Why I am a Communist, Newsletter Printery, n.d.. Image PDF Details
  • Sharkey, L. L, Socialism in Australia, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, 1957. Image PDF Details
  • Sharkey, Lawrence Louis, Socialism in Australia: Communist View on Democratic Socialism, Current Book Distributors, 1957, 26 pp. PDF Details
  • Thomas, Pete, Petrov stunt backfires, Current Book Distributors, Sydney, 1954. Image PDF Details
  • Watson, G.R., Issued for the workers at the Brisbane abattoir, Brisbane, c1950. Image PDF Details

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  • 'Latest book news', Guardian, The Guardian, Melbourne, 24 March 1950. PDF Details
  • 'Audrey Blake to address colonial youth rally', Guardian, The Guardian, Melbourne, 17 February 1950. PDF Details